Up To Level 950

News 24.11.2020 - Event Level Up is coming till 7 December 2020
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Events: LEVEL UP EVENT LMRC0000-LMRC9999 (24 November 2020 - 7 DDECEMBER 2020)

Game System :

1. Free LP Point from Killing Monster (Map 800 Above)

2. When you level 350 above, you will get 50 LP per 30 Minutes (100 LP Per Hour) by Online

3. When you level 275 above and finish your spirit, you will get LP random (10 -100 LP) and get item buff 200%(ATK/DEF)

4. Fame Point and Fame Shop, Get from killing any player on any mode like Guild War, PVP, or FREE PK

5. ALL Costume can be upgrade and permanent, will increase your defense and attack for PVE/PVP

6. All skill 2nd weapon increase damage depend on your weapon and your 2nd weapon

7. Castle war winner will get reward to Guild Master/ Vice, it be can claim on NPC Ceru lost realm (25G, Guild Upgrade, and Bright God Stone)

8. All Stat unlimited, you can build your character whatever you want

9. New effect skill and New Effect weapon Upgrade

10. All Player can be PK on All MAP

Hybrider Update

1. Stone damage increse when you using buff 100/200/300% ATK in PVE

2. Stone damage increse when you change better Main Weapon

3. When using Stone (2nd Weapon) your skill damage increse on PVE and PVP

4. Any Hybrider can wearing Stone (2nd Weapon) even you not use Hammer as Weapon

Skill Effect Update

1. Hellcry Bulkan Damage Increase and give you new effect

2. Fire Blind Human Damage Increase and give you new effect

Gear 800 and 900 Update

1. Open Map 700 and New Monster

2. New Armor for 800 and 900 Updated

3. You can exchange low level god stone to high level god stone using npc gambler

Free PK Update

1. Update Free PK player on Map Lost Realm and Mobius

New Feature Mini Pet Upgrade Update

1. Mini pet can be upgrade using Soul Stone that can obtain from Quest or Crafting

New Feature Card System Update

1. Card Rarities Devides to 5 (B, N, R, SR, L)

2. B or Basic card can get from all normal monster in map

2. R Card Above only drop from Boss. Each Boss Card will have different stats

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Halloween Event

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